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Our travel agency takes pride in offering a vast array of destinations right across the African Continent, from the rolling hills of Rwanda to the towering sand dunes of Namibia.

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    Mount Kilimanjaro

    Our travel agency takes pride in offering a vast array of destinations right across the African Continent.

    Climbing Kilimanjaro is wonderful experiences which takes at least five days to reach and descend from the summit. Getting to the summit of the highest African peak can be a once in a lifetime achievement but can leave you exhausted.

    Imagine how wonderful it would be, instead of taking another 2 or 3 days to descend, catching a helicopter flight down from the summit and take that long awaited shower?

    Now, Vumbua Africa, through our partners introduces an exclusive and luxury flight service to quickly fly climbers down from the summit to their designated area.

    We are here to make that happen and add to the remarkable memory of having conquered the mountain.



    Mountain climbing like any other sport has its good and bad sides, so many mountains have claimed lives of climbers or hikers trying to reach the summit at any cost.
    Search and Rescue plays a vital role worldwide, when it comes to evacuating hikers when they are in distress. For more than 25 years mount Kilimanjaro and Meru lacked a proper search and rescue service for tourists and workers.

    We are introducing a modern Search and Rescues that will forever alter the perception of climbers and hikers worldwide,

    Making Tanzania the safest tourist destination on the entire African continent.

    Assurance on High Altitude Rescue

    Search and Rescue plays a vital role worldwide.

    High Altitude Clinic

    This clinic is staffed by a small group of carefully chosen specialist local physicians specially trained in mountain medicine, trauma and aeromedical rescue supported by highly qualified nurses and advised 24/7/365 by the highest level of medical and altitude advice available globally.

    Reliable and Robust Helicopters

    We operate one Airbus AS 350 B3 helicopter on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and engage in chartered and scenic flights around Tanzania. We have spent years perfecting our rescuing procedures and are proud to say that we have the most efficient rescue service on the African continent.

    Staffed 24 Hrs a Day

    The clinic is staffed 24 hours a day by a Tanzanian registered nurse and assistants which is also covered by a group of specially trained Tanzanian doctors. These specialist physicians are not only trained in critical care, but they have also undergone specific instruction in Mountain Medicine from our international experts team.

    Experienced Staff Medics and Pilots

    We only employ the most talented medical people from around the world to participate in our rescue missions.

    All our pilots and medical staff are professionals and are trained to the highest level in high-altitude rescue and evacuation.

    More Helicopter Tours Coming Soon!