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Our travel agency takes pride in offering a vast array of destinations right across the African Continent, from the rolling hills of Rwanda to the towering sand dunes of Namibia.

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    9 Day Tour of Namibia

    9 Day Tour of Namibia

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    Join us on a thrilling adventure through the expansive and arid landscapes of Namibia with this 9-day tour. From the vast and awe-inspiring Kalahari Desert to the Mesosaurus Fossil site, where one can discover fossils dating back millions of years ago.

    Journey through the Quiver Tree Forest and the Giant’s Playground, where the ancient mountains and intriguing rock formations offer a surreal backdrop for your exploration. Marvel at the grandeur of the Fish River Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world, and soak in the breathtaking views of the Diamond Coast and the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanskop. This tour promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with natural wonders and cultural discoveries.

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    Day 1: Kalahari Desert
    We will pick you up from any hotel/lodge in Windhoek at around 8 am and travel south to the Kalahari Desert. Arrival at the lodge around lunchtime.
    Optional activities in the afternoon
    • Hike in the dunes
    • Afternoon game drive
    Day 2: Mesosaurus Fossil, Quiver Tree Forest & Giant’s Playground
    Travelling further south through the Kalahari Desert, on the way short visit to Mesosaurus Fossil, Quiver Tree Forest & Giant’s Playground. Arrival at the lodge late afternoon, time for rest & relaxation.
    Day 3: Fish River Canyon
    Today in the morning & afternoon, visit the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the World (after the Grand Canyon in the US). Main viewing points provide spectacular places for stunning landscape photography! Early morning or at the sunset, the canyon and surrounding desert come to alive with hues and shades of light – providing inspiring, artistic vistas.
    Day 4: Fish River Canyon & Aus
    On trail of the desert horses (Feral Horses of Namibia), which have incredibly adapted to the harsh, dry and unmerciful desert conditions. Admiring these incredible creatures, we are charmed by the ever changing landscape, unending, and scenic beauty of the Namib.
    Day 5: Diamond Coast & Kolmanskop
    After breakfast, journey to the small, coastal town of Luderitz, situated on the Atlantic Coast. On route, stop-over around 10 km from Luderitz, at the historical ‚Ghost Town’ of Kolmanskop, deserted in the sands after the famous ‚diamond rush’. Short visit to the historical monument, a granite cross, known as the Diaz Cross, set in the sands of the Namib by Portuguese sailor Bartolomeu Dias in 1488, when he first landed at the Namibian coast centuries ago. In the afternoon time for rest and relax or optionally City Walk.
    Day 6: Luderitz & Kolmanskop
    In the morning visit Kolmanskop, around 10 km from Luderitz for your guided tour to this intriguing historical ‚Ghost Town’ of Kolmanskop, deserted in the sands after the famous ‚diamond rush’.
    Optional activity
    • 1 hr. cruise (weather permitting) and/or a trip to the Agate Beach, where Atlantic deposits semi-precious ‚agate’ stones right onto the sand.
    Day 7: Sossusvlei & Namib Desert
    Sossusvlei – the highest and the oldest dunes in the World. On route, we are admiring picturesque vistas and incredible, desert landscapes. After the long day’s drive, you are comfortably settled for dinner and rest at the desert lodge near Sossusvlei.
    Day 8: Sossusvlei
    Early morning, in the light of the rising sun, quiet meditation of spectacular, orange dunes. Visit the Deadvlei (valley) where dried-up acacias stand among the high dunes in the heart of the desert. Spaciousness, magnificence and soothing calm of this part of the desert imprint lasting memories in your heart. An excellent occasion for a unique photographic moment. The dunes of Sossusvlei are considered to be one of the most photogenic and some of the most photographed places on Earth.
    Optional Activities
    • Balloon flight over the dunes
    • Helicopter flight over the dunes
    Day 9: Windhoek - End of the Tour
    In the morning depart to Windhoek, the vibrant capital of Namibia. On route, plenty of time for the last photographs of the African savanna.

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